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Blut rein Blut raus – Hart am Limit

Guter Stuff, für meinen Geschmack aber mit zu wenig Lokalbezug. Wenn schon so tolle Platten zu sehen sind, kann auch ruhig mal gesagt werden wo. Oder ist mir das entgangen. Sekunde 18 ist top:

blut rein blut raus – hart am limit – MyVideo

Geozentrismus FTW

Das wird mit Sicherheit eine spaßige Veranstaltung, so auf eine Tequila-Suicide-Art.

Galileo was wrong – the conference

Wer zahlt Flug, Unterkunft, Teilnahmegebühr, Essen, Schmerzensgeld, Drogen und den anschließenden Südamerikaurlaub (Da ist doch jetzt Frühling, oder?) für mich und meine Begleitung?
Ich zieh auch dieses T-Shirt an.

Walking Dead mal wieder

aber dieses fanmade-opening-title-filmchen ist zu gut:

THE WALKING DEAD „Opening Titles“ from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

die serie startet immer noch an halloween auf dem streaming-portal deines vertrauens.

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im anschluss wird wahrscheinlich gesungen, aber bis dahin gut:

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Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada

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The Thermals – I Don‘t Believe You

The Thermals – I Don‘t Believe You from Kill Rock Stars on Vimeo.

Uwe Boll über seinen Auschwitz-Film

Is the film an idea you’ve had for a long time?
Yeah. I’ve had it for years. But I never had the opportunity to do it, especially as a German. And I’m not loved in Germany either. But to be honest, what is Germany doing? If you make a Sophie Scholl movie or an Anne Frank movie, you get subsidies, you get into the Berlin Film Festival because everybody’s happy that you’re showing that there were Germans in the resistance. But that is bullshit! The reality is that everybody went with it. Only 40 percent voted for Hitler, but then 90 percent went with it and didn’t question why Jews were getting deported. And after the war they said they thought the Jews were in working camps or being sent to the front line. Everybody had an excuse. And if you make a movie now you only get support if you show Germany in a positive light. The real hate I’ll get will come from Germany, because I don’t show any Germans in the movie who have any doubt, who think they shouldn’t be doing this. You see how it was. I wanted to show a totally normal day in Auschwitz, which was completely unemotional, like a butcher basically, who has no bad feelings about cows or pigs getting killed. This makes it scary, but that’s the point of the movie, to show what humans can do.

zum vollständigen Vice-Interview